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Once upon a time, there were five writers.


They believed there was a third way of publishing, somewhere over the rainbow. So they packed their books and set off to explore. This is what happened on the journey.


The Triskele Trail is a true story. About a writers' collective who made some mistakes and some smart decisions; who discovered opportunities, found friends and dodged predators in the independent publishing jungle.


Fourteen books later, here are the lessons we learned.

This is not a How-To book.

This is How-We-Did-It.

This is The Triskele Trail.


What others are saying about The Triskele Trail:


"Triskele stands out in the world of indie authors as an author collective that is focused and mindful of their writing, publishing and marketing processes. In this book, you'll learn their views on the fundamentals of being an indie author, as well as the benefits of a collective, who to trust on the journey, plus tips on time management and researching historical fiction. The Triskele Trail is a smorgasbord of useful tidbits and the book will definitely help authors make decisions in this rapidly changing publishing environment." -- Joanna Penn, Author of #1 bestseller How To Market A Book.


“It's the combined wisdom of a range of independently published writers that makes the difference: practical know-how, up-to-date details about the financials and processes of publishing platforms and services, as well as other been-there-done-that tips – all of which I found in The Triskele Trail  – Libby O'Loghlin, author of Charlotte Aimes


"I have a strong feeling it's going to become my writing 'bible." -- Liz Jasper


"A point made right at the beginning of this excellent resource is that this is NOT a how-to book. The introduction states that is an account of what the Triskele Collective did: what worked well for them, what worked to a certain level and what didn't work at all. Not a how-to? Maybe not. In my opinion, it is far more informative and useful than that." -- Lorraine Mace, author


"This is a must-have book on indie publishing from a writers' collective. The Triskele Trail is a twenty-first century indie writers' bible. In other words, an essential purchase. Beautifully presented in clear, easy to read chapters, it's a book I will be coming back to again and again." -- Amanda Hodgkinson, New York Times Bestselling Author









The Triskele Trail A Pathway to Independent Publishing

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