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My name is Zabdas: husband, warrior, conscience and confidant. I am a son of Syria. I write the history of this country in my own hand and tell the tale of my Zenobia: loyal subject, wilful woman, Queen of the Sands, Protector of People and wife to the King of Kings …


Zenobia has won the respect of her people, she has provided King Odenathus with a second son, while he controls Rome’s eastern legions. With Emperor Valerian gone, it is the perfect opportunity for Odenathus to seize the title “Emperor of Rome”.


But the war is not yet won. Zenobia and Zabdas have a revenge to exact, the Persians must be pushed back beyond Ctesiphon, and there are other pretenders rising in the east. Odenathus’ loyalties are called upon once more as he struggles to maintain control and quell the uprising.


And his accumulation of power has not gone unnoticed ...

The Better of Two Men (Overlord III)

by JD Smith

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