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JD Smith lives in the English Lake District. She has worked in the graphic design industry for over a dozen years, and now specialises in book cover design and typesetting.


Jane spends most of her time attempting to remain professional, efficient, talented and affordable, because so many of her lovely clients have given her testimonials to that effect, whilst trying to keep her three children from switching off the wireless router, unplugging power cables and writing on her Facebook wall.


The pseudonym JD Smith was created as the username on a writers' messageboard many years ago, and was adopted as her preferred Editor's title when launching the writing magazine Words with JAM


Jane is the author of the novella, Tristan and Iseult, and The Overlord series, comprisingThe Rise of Zenobia, The Fate of an Emperor, The Better of Two Men and The Rebel Queen. The next instalment will be out in 2018