Triskele_Logo_Books_POS2 A Taste of Triskele 3D Paperback A Taste of Triskele Cover EBOOK

A tale, a place, a time, a taste.


Eight delectable short stories, each set in a distinctive location, accompanied by a local dish.


Fall in love with honey, bite into bitterness, sweeten the secrets, indulge your excesses, tickle your palette and free your imagination.

Whether you’re on a beach or in your own back garden, escape into extraordinary worlds.


Bon voyage. And bon appétit.



"A Taste of Triskele is a combination of whimsical stories, each different in their own way, and each remarkable. You'll be surprised, you'll laugh, and you might even cry. And then you'll get the chance to savor each story by trying out the recipes connected to them, so you can, in a way, taste that very story you so enjoyed.


A remarkable experience, unlike any you've seen."

-- Amazon reviewer

A Taste of Triskele - Short Story Collection (with recipes)

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